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This pattern collection contains nine complete patterns of ...

Faithful Friends

Dog-lover or not, these cards are sure to melt your heart, plus get some great embossing practice with step-by-step guides. 

  1. This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is ready to cheer you up with its happy disposition. Create this special friend in white-work. A step-by-step embossing guide is included to make the job easier. 
  2. Loyal and hardworking is how you would describe this Labrador Retriever. Another white-work design, this also has a step-by-step embossing guide.  
  3. An excellent watchdog, this Jack Russell Terrier is also full of energy for a game, as you can see from his design. Outlined in black, the picture is then coloured with blendable pencils and completed with a four-needle embossed border. 
  4. Rosie is completely laid-back and relaxed. To capture her on parchment, just trace in black pen, the colour on the reverse with blendable pencils. To keep you just as relaxed about this as Rosie, we help you out with a three-stage guide to the colouring process. A simple border uses the four-needle and semi-circle tools.
  5. Victor is framed by the winnerís laurel wreath.  Not only does he win races but he wins hearts as well. Traced in black pen, he is first coloured on the reverse with blendable pencils, then the final details are added on the front. There is a two stage colouring guide to help you with this.
  6. Cain the Border Collie, has returned from his walk and is ready for you to create your own version of this loveable character. The pattern breaks down the method into easy parts, so if you have never attempted an animal in parchment before, you should manage it without any problems. 
  7. I hope he melts your heart and you want to make this card! It was designed as a special request and I had fun with it. To make it as easy as possible, I have given several stages of the work in pictures, to help you through it. Blendable pencils are the colouring medium and the almond tool is used to make a simple border.
  8. Tia is a much-loved Weimaraner. The border is perforated and then cut out. Perforated hearts surround the picture, which is decorated with some decoupaged blossoms. Tia's delicate colouring is achieved with blendable pencils on the reverse of the parchment and is shown in stages on an extra page.
  9. Zeus, the German Shepherd, is coloured on the reverse with blendable pencils and the details of the coat added on the front.  The Almond tool is used in the decorative frame.



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Pattern 1 (each) JM012-1
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Pattern 3 (each) JM012-3
Pattern 4 (each) JM012-4
Pattern 5 (each) JM012-5
Pattern 6 (each) JM012-6
Pattern 7 (each) JM012-7
Pattern 8 (each) JM012-8
Pattern 9 (each) JM012-9
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16 patterns and above £10.00
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6 - 10 patterns £5.00
11 - 15 patterns £7.00
16 patterns and above £15.00

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