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This pattern collection contains five complete patterns of ...

Nature's Beauty

A collection of whitework patterns, some with a small touch of colour.

  1. Three fuchsias on a pink and green background. The cut-out border is made with the almond tool. The small lace panels are perforated with the semi-circle tool.
  2. Apples and apple-blossom are bordered by tiny leaves. The semi-square and star tools are in the border and the cut-out edge uses the semi-circle tool. 
  3. Either make this card with a square frame, or snip out the semi-square perforations along the edge to make it more decorative.  The anemones are embossed from both the back and the front to give their cup-shape and the four corner decorations are perforated on any bold grid.
  4. 'Flowers on a grid' is a more formal design. Perforate the central grid section first, on a bold straight grid, then attach the parchment of the pattern to complete the design.
  5. The delicate flowers are partly embossed on the reverse of the parchment, then inside the flowers is embossed from the front to give the distinctive bell-shape.



Description PatNo # Price - downloads Price - hard copies posted
Pattern 1 (each) JM033-1
Pattern 2 (each) JM033-2
Pattern 3 (each) JM033-3
Pattern 4 (each) JM033-4
Pattern 5 (each) JM033-5
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6 - 10 patterns 1.50
11 patterns and above 1.80
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6 - 10 patterns 3.60
11- 15 patterns 5.00
16 patterns and above 10.00
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6 - 10 patterns 5.00
11 - 15 patterns 7.00
16 patterns and above 15.00

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