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This pattern collection contains six complete patterns of ...

Beautiful Basics

These are patterns which just rely on tracing, embossing and colouring with blendable pencils to achieve the finished results. The finished designs are trimmed with a knife and ruler and attached to a coloured backing sheet with decorative brads.  This backing sheet is then stuck to a folded white card with double-sided tape.  More experienced parchment-crafters can always add their own favourite lace border to each design. Where applicable, a sheet is enclosed with the pattern giving hints for achieving better tracing with white ink.

  1. Cute Cats.  The design is traced with white ink.  Before embossing, the cats are coloured on the reverse with white blendable pencil and then slightly embossed. A good ‘cheat’ for getting a nice smooth white finish without buckling the parchment by over-embossing! If you like cats, have a look at JM009 'Purr-fect Pets'
  2. Moonlight Ballerina. The same ‘cheat’ technique is used on this delicate ballerina. A gold gel pen is used to traced the simple border which is then embossed and the moon is coloured with blendable pencil. 
  3. Crystal Vase. The design is traced with white ink and then embossed.  The border is traced with white pencil and then embossed.
  4. Butterfly Mandala.  Such EASY tracing with a black drawing pen!  The embossing then looks really dramatic and the whole thing is finished off by attaching to black card.
  5. Country Ride.   Vintage car-lovers should like this design.  The car is traced with black drawing pen.  The colouring is done on the reverse with blendable pencils. If you like cars, have a look at JM025 'Wheels'
  6. Beehive Bookmark. Something a bit different which can also be a gift as well as a birthday card, this also fits into a Pergamano Bookmark case. The verse reads 'A lazy day with hum of bees... A book to read 'neath shady trees'. Most of the tracing is easily done with black drawing pen. The pretty oval border is traced with white pencil and then embossed with a stylus or very small tool.  



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Pattern 1 (each) JM041-1
Pattern 2 (each) JM041-2
Pattern 3 (each) JM041-3
Pattern 4 (each) JM041-4
Pattern 5 (each) JM041-5
Pattern 6 (each) JM041-6
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11 patterns and above £4.00

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