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This pattern collection contains six complete patterns of ...

Edwardian Charm

These patterns capture some of the glamour of the Edwardian Era. 

  1. ‘Eveline’  Traced with a fine black drawing pen, Eveline is framed by a circle of leaves.  Her fan is coloured on the reverse with felt-tip pens.  The border is perforated with the semi-circle tool. 

  2. 'Beatrice’  is a vision in blue – but of course you can have the fun of choosing a different colour for her outfit. The lace-effect on her sleeves and the yoke of her dress is achieved by perforating every hole on a fine grid.  The semi-circle and star tools make up the border. The simple decoration of flowers around Beatrice is traced with white ink and then embossed. 

  3. 'Clarissa’ wears a coat with a fur trim, the technique of which is explained in the pattern.  Easily traced with black pen, she is then coloured on the reverse with blendable pencils.  The five motifs are made with a moon tool and the ribbon is perforated on a bold grid.  The heart decorations can either be traced and then embossed, or you can use a heart from one of the embossing grids.  I used  SPB036L but heart-shapes feature in several other grids.

  4. 'Rosalind' is traced with sepia pen and coloured with sepia pencil. There are instructions on how to achieve the fur collar. The background is created by embossing around the holes made on a bold grid, which may be time-consuming but gives the look of real lace.

  5. 'Garden Party' features more 'lace effects' with lace trims along each side of the design. If you find the sunshade too intricate to trace with white pencil, try using white ink and a fine nib for just this part of the pattern.

  6. 'Matilda' is also looking out at the view - or maybe she is waiting to meet her 'young man'! This design was mostly traced with white ink and then embossed. The flower trims are decorated with stick-on jewels. Just for a change, instead of perforating the edge, I used decorative scissors to trim the parchment. If you emboss the cut edge it looks very effective against dark background card which can also be cut with the same scissors. 



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Pattern 6 (each) JM062-6
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