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Art Nouveau Designs

Art Nouveau was developed in the 1880’s when artists were inspired mainly by nature to create very stylized designs with curving and interweaving lines.  I’ve enjoyed trying to work in the same way to come up with my own designs on this theme.

  1. ‘Tulip’ is a whitework design, with a decorative border made with the moon and almond tools.  

  2. ‘Fuschia’ was traced with mauve ink, then coloured on the reverse with mauve pencil.  There is a simple gridwork background and a double border made with the semi-square tool.

  3. ‘Convolvulus’.  Not sure if it’s a weed or a flower, but it is a  ‘natural’ for an Art Nouveau design with its fragile flowers and stems. Trace as finely as possible with a black drawing pen (I use a  UniPin fine line pen size 02) and colour on the reverse  with blendable pencils.  The semi-circle perforating tool and a megasun embossing tool make up the circular border but if you don’t have the megasun tool it would look just a nice with a star tool.

  4. 'Sweet Pea'. Created as a whitework pattern, colour could be added on the reverse with blendable pencils to make a delicate design.



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