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This pattern collection contains four complete patterns of ...


These patterns all feature something gold, achieved by using different shades of yellow, cream and brown. All patterns give the relevant number of the Faber-Castell pencils used, but similar pencils of other makes will give an equally good result. Step-by-step instructions are given in each pattern. 

  1. A large locket in a circular frame. The pattern also features a simple grid using the bold diagonal.

  2. Another locket, but this time smaller. This design also has flowers and leaves using the dry pencil technique on the front of the parchment. 

  3. Like the previous two patterns, this vase is worked by blending the pencil colours with the burnishing technique. Full step-by- step instructions are given.

  4. A hexagonal topper featuring a golden butterfly which works equally well on a plain card or as part of an elaborate piece of parchment work. As gems are such a popular subject right now, I have used one as the body of the butterfly.



Description PatNo # Price - downloads Price - hard copies posted
Pattern 1 (each) JM071-1
Pattern 2 (each) JM071-2
Pattern 3 (each) JM071-3
Pattern 4 (each) JM071-4
Postage - UK (per delivery)   Not Applicable - download only 1 - 5 patterns 1.25
6 - 10 patterns 1.50
11 patterns and above 1.80
Postage - Europe (per delivery)   Not Applicable - download only 1 - 5 patterns 2.00
6 - 10 patterns 3.60
11- 15 patterns 5.00
16 patterns and above 10.00
Postage - Rest of the World (per delivery)   Not Applicable - download only 1 - 5 patterns 3.00
6 - 10 patterns 5.00
11 - 15 patterns 7.00
16 patterns and above 15.00

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