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We know many of you contact us looking for cards for a particular occasion or with a certain motif on it so we've listened to this and produced this index which we hope will help you find things more easily. If you are looking for our most recent additions these are always listed at the top of the Patterns To Buy page. 

Category Patterns (links will take you to the pattern pack page)
(see also 'Birds', 'Cats' and 'Dogs' listed seperately)
JM007-8; JM011-8; JM011-12; JM028-3; JM039-8; JM040-10; JM047-1; JM047-4; JM047-5; JM047-6; JM047-12; JM048-6; JM055-1; JM059-9; JM072-3; JM072-5; JM072-6; JM080-2
(you may need to alter some of the wording on the cards)
JM020-3; JM023-1; JM028-3; JM037-1; JM037-2; JM037-3; JM037-4; JM037-5; JM037-6; JM039-1; JM039-2; JM041-1; JM045-5; JM045-7; JM045-8; JM046-1; JM046-3; JM072-4; JM080-3 Also some of the Flowers patterns may be suitable
Baby JM013-2; JM020-1; JM020-5; JM048-1; JM048-2; JM048-3; JM048-4, JM048-5; JM048-6; JM083-1; JM083-2
Ballet JM041-2; JM056-1; JM056-3; JM056-4; JM056-5; JM056-6; JM069-3; JM078-1
Birds JM001-1; JM001-2; JM001-3; JM005-2; JM011-7; JM013-1; JM014-3; JM015-1; JM015-3; JM017-2; JM020-2; JM021-2; JM021-7; JM024-3; JM025-4; JM025-5; JM027-1; JM027-6; JM028-1; JM037-5; JM039-7; JM040-2; JM047-11; JM048-3; JM049-2; JM053-8; JM053-10; JM053-11; JM055-6; JM057-5; JM059-5; JM072-1; JM072-5; JM078-3; JM079-3; JM081-1; JM081-2; JM081-3; JM081-4; JM082-2; JM082-4; JM087-3
Boats JM005-1; JM010-1; JM021-4; JM022-2; JM026-6; JM037-1; JM044-1; JM044-2; JM044-3; JM047-7
Bridal JM013-3; JM045-1; JM045-2; JM045-3; JM045-4; JM045-5; JM045-6; JM045-7; JM045-8
Buildings JM054-1; JM054-2; JM054-3; JM080-1
Butterflies JM005-5; JM011-9; JM011-11 JM023-2; JM028-2; JM040-6; JM073-1; JM073-2; JM073-3; JM073-3; JM073-4; JM073-5; JM079-2
Cats JM009-1; JM009-2; JM009-3; JM009-4; JM009-5; JM009-6; JM009-7; JM009-8; JM041-1
Christmas  Collections can be found at JM014; JM024; JM025; JM026; JM027; JM036; JM050; JM059; JM060; JM068; JM074; JM082; JM083; JM087
Churches JM014-4; JM039-2; JM059-7
Dance JM037-3; JM056-2; JM076-2
Dogs JM012-1; JM012-2; JM012-3; JM012-4; JM012-5; JM012-6; JM012-7; JM012-8; JM012-9; JM025-2; JM039-8; JM072-4
Engagement JM046-1; JM046-2; JM046-3
Fairies JM013-2; JM014-7; JM019-1; JM019-2; JM019-3; JM019-4; JM019-5; JM019-6; JM019-7; JM019-8; JM019-9; JM019-10; JM019-11; JM019-12; JM019-13; JM019-14; JM068-14; JM074-1; JM074-2; JM074-3; JM074-4; JM077-1; JM077-2
Fans JM005-3; JM016-1; JM016-2; JM016-3; JM037-2; JM062-1; JM076-2
Fashion JM005-6; JM008-10; JM011-1; JM011-5; JM029-1; JM029-2; JM029-3; JM029-4; JM029-5; JM029-6; JM036-1; JM036-2; JM036-3; JM036-4; JM036-5; JM043-1; JM043-2; JM043-3; JM043-4; JM043-5; JM055-2; JM055-7; JM055-9; JM084-1; JM084-2; JM084-3; JM084-4
Flowers JM003-1; JM003-2; JM003-3; JM003-4; JM003-5; JM003-6; JM003-7; JM003-8; JM003-9; JM008-4; JM008-5; JM008-6; JM010-4; JM013-4; JM015-2; JM016-3; JM018-1; JM018-2; JM018-3; JM018-4; JM018-5; JM019-5; JM019-6; JM019-7; JM019-8; JM019-9; JM019-10; JM019-11; JM019-12; JM019-13; JM019-14; JM023-3; JM031-1; JM031-2; JM031-3; JM031-4; JM031-5; JM031-6; JM033-1; JM033-3; JM033-5; JM034-1; JM034-2; JM034-3; JM034-4; JM034-5; JM034-6; JM034-7; JM034-8; JM034-9; JM034-; JM034-; JM034-; JM034-13 JM038-1; JM038-2; JM038-3; JM038-4; JM038-5; JM038-6; JM040-1; JM040-3; JM040-8; JM042-1; JM042-2; JM042-3; JM042-4; JM042-5; JM042-6; JM042-7; JM042-8; JM042-9; JM053-1; JM053-2; JM053-6; JM053-7; JM053-9; JM057-1; JM057-2; JM057-3; JM057-4; JM057-6; JM057-7; JM065-2; JM065-3; JM066-1; JM066-2; JM066-3; JM066-4; JM068-1; JM069-1; JM069-2; JM069-3; JM069-4; JM069-5; JM069-6; JM069-7; JM071-2; JM076-1; JM079-1; JM079-5 
Fruit JM004-1; JM004-2; JM004-3; JM008-7; JM008-8; JM019-4; JM033-2; JM040-5; JM040-7; JM049-1; JM053-3
Get well soon JM049-1; JM049-2
Graduation JM086-1
Hair JM058-1; JM058-2; JM058-3; JM058-4; JM058-5; JM058-6; JM058-7; JM084-1; JM084-2; JM084-3; JM085-2
Historical Costumes JM024-1; JM024-2; JM024-3; JM024-4; JM024-5; JM032-1; JM032-2; JM032-3; JM036-1; JM036-2; JM036-3; JM036-4; JM036-5; JM047-10; JM062-1; JM062-2; JM062-3; JM062-4; JM062-5; JM062-6; JM063-1; JM063-2; JM063-3; JM063-4; JM084-1; JM084-2; JM084-3; JM084-4
Hobbies JM007-1; JM007-2; JM007-12; JM007-13; JM011-6; JM022-1; JM022-2; JM022-3; JM029-7; JM030-4; JM035-4; JM035-5; JM042-7; JM047-3; JM070-1; JM070-2; JM070-3; JM070-4; JM070-5; JM079-4; JM085-1; JM085-2
Horses JM002-1; JM002-2; JM002-3; JM007-11; JM014-6
Jewellery JM005-6; JM011-1; JM043-3; JM043-4; JM046-2; JM058-1; JM058-2; JM058-3; JM058-4; JM058-5; JM058-6; JM058-7; JM071-1; JM071-2; JM071-3; JM071-4; JM080-3
Lanterns JM011-4; JM014-12; JM021-3; JM024-2
Mens' cards JM007-7; JM007-14; JM007-15; JM030-1; JM030-2; JM030-3; JM030-4; JM037-7; JM047-5; JM047-9; JM070-2; JM070-4; JM070-5; JM075-2; JM079-4; JM080-2; JM081-4
Music JM027-9; JM037-4; JM037-7; JM037-9; JM039-1; JM047-9; JM054-2
New home JM011-3; JM013-4; JM020-6
Oriental JM021-1; JM021-2; JM021-3; JM021-4; JM021-5; JM021-6; JM021-7; JM021-8; JM021-9; JM081-4
Roses JM016-1; JM034-4; JM037-4; JM038-2; JM040-3; JM045-5; JM045-6; JM063-3
Santa JM050-6; JM050-7; JM059-6; JM059-10; JM060-5; JM068-2; JM068-3; JM082-3
Silhouettes JM009-4; JM039-8; JM068-9; JM068-10
Sport JM007-4; JM007-5; JM007-6; JM007-11; JM029-7; JM030-1; JM030-2; JM030-3; JM052-1; JM052-2; JM052-3; JM052-4; JM052-5; JM052-6; JM052-7; JM052-8; JM052-9; JM052-10; JM070-1; JM070-2; JM070-3; JM070-4; JM070-5
Sympathy JM064-1; JM064-2; JM064-3
Toys JM006-1; JM006-2; JM006-3; JM010-2; JM010-3; JM048-2; JM051-1; JM051-2; JM053-4; JM078-2
Transport JM035-1; JM035-2; JM035-3; JM035-4; JM035-5; JM035-6; JM035-7; JM035-9; JM039-6; JM041-5; JM070-5
Weddings See Bridal
Windmills JM003-4; JM039-4


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