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Parchment Craft Borders for Beginners

When I was a newcomer to parchment craft, I would look longingly at patterns I wanted to do, but because they had complicated perforated borders, I never attempted them.

Here are 28 pages of complete borders using only the one-needle and semi-circle tools, plus the star tool. Together with some simple embossing and colouring with blendable pencils or felt tip pens, these tools can give very pleasing results. If you are a beginner, I would suggest tracing the line around the outside of the border with white pencil and then embossing on the reverse with a small ball tool. You can then carefully trim the parchment at the top, bottom and right hand side, just outside the embossed outline, either with a knife and ruler or decorative scissors.

So if you have been looking at a great design surrounded by a scary-looking grid work border, just replace the border with one you have scanned or photocopied from this book.

Even if you're not a beginner but just in a hurry to get that forgotten birthday card in the post, you will find these borders quick to achieve.

As a bonus, each page also carries a small picture, which could be used inside any of your borders



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Parchment Craft Borders for Beginners (each) JMA-1
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